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Tests Show Idaho Toddler Died of E. coli


Local News 8

POCATELLO, Idaho - Test results released today show that an Idaho toddler died from a type of E. coli after eating a spinach smoothie.

Still, more tests must be done to determine if it's the same genetic strain of E. coli in a tainted-spinach outbreak.

Two-year-old Kyle Allgood of Chubbuck died Sept. 20 at a Salt Lake City hospital from a type of kidney failure often caused by E. coli.

He had eaten a smoothie that contained spinach shortly before becoming ill.

The early tests were inconclusive, but additional testing conducted by the Idaho State Laboratory this week show he was ill with E. coli O157H7, the same type of E. coli that has sickened 187 people from 26 states and killed a Wisconsin woman.

Genetic testing on Allgood's strain of E. coli should be finished next week. Officials say that test will be able to determine if it was indeed spinach and not some other type of food that gave Allgood E. coli.

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