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Lawsuit filed against Sizzler on behalf of injured Milwaukee Man


August 1, 2000

Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm nationally-known for its successful representation of persons injured in food-borne illness outbreaks, and the well-respected Milwaukee law firm, Fox, O'Neill and Shannon, have filed lawsuit on behalf of Ervin Lesak of Milwaukee against the E. B. Management Company, the owner and operator of the implicated Sizzler franchise. The lawsuit claims that these companies are liable for the injuries and damages that Mr. Lesak sustained as one of the victims of the E. coli O157:H7 outbreak that has sickened at least 40 people and left one child dead.

Mr. Lesak ate at the Sizzler on July 18 and consumed food that was contaminated with the deadly E. coli bacteria. The Milwaukee Health Department has implicated Sizzler as the source of the E. coli outbreak and has narrowed the likely food that contained the deadly bacteria to improperly washed watermelon served from the restaurant's salad bar that likely was cross-contaminated with uncooked ground beef. He tested positive for the deadly bacteria and was hospitalized for five days.

"This lawsuit is not being filed as a class action," said Michael Hanrahan of Fox, O'Neill & Shannon. "In an E. coli outbreak, the injuries that people suffer vary widely, and are mostly unique, so it doesn't make any sense to try to lump people together in one lawsuit." Added Denis Stearns, of Marler Clark: "Having been involved in over 100 E. coli lawsuits, I can tell you that each victim is different, and the class action approach just will not work. We intend to file individual lawsuit so that each of our clients can receive individual attention, as well as full and fair compensation."

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