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Lawsuit filed against Crossroads Farm on behalf of four E. coli victims

Children who visited petting zoo became ill with E. coli infections after attending North Carolina State Fair


December 17, 2004

RALEIGH, NC – Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm nationally known for its representation of E. coli victims, and Mark Kurdys, a well respected Asheville, NC attorney, will file a lawsuit Friday in Wake County Superior Court against Jason and Ralph Wilkie, owners and operators of the Crossroads Farm Petting Zoo, the petting zoo linked to an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak at the North Carolina State Fair in October. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of four children who suffered from E. coli infections after visiting the Crossroads Farm petting zoo at the State Fair.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Lee County residents Timothy and Kellie Baldwin and their three-year-old son; Matthew, Harnett County residents Jayson and Wendy Ennis and their three-year-old son, Chad; and Jackson County residents Keith and Jennifer Chauvin and their children, three-year-old Cameron, and 17-month-old, Luke, who both developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (see http://www.about-hus.com), a complication of E. coli infection that that causes renal failure. Medical bills exceed $100,000.

“Twenty-four outbreaks have been linked to fairs and petting zoos since 1995,” said plaintiffs’ attorney William Marler (See http://www.fair-safety.com). “Any operator of a petting zoo should be well-versed in the ways of preventing E. coli infections among their patrons, and should have procedures in place to do just that. At this petting zoo, procedures were woefully inadequate to prevent an outbreak.”

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