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E. coli Investigation Focused On Cottage Food

KOCO News, Oklahoma City

September 10, 2008

LOCUST GROVE, Okla. -- An investigation into a deadly E. coli outbreak now focuses on food at a northeast Oklahoma restaurant, state health officials said.

Investigators plan to look into the possibility of contaminated food at the Country Cottage in Locust Grove.

Health workers didn't find any problems on restaurant surfaces.

Officials said that 20 people sickened by the bacteria are still in a local hospital.

Families Retain Attorneys

The outbreak is blamed for at least one death, and an attorney from Seattle has been contacted about possible lawsuits.

Lawyer Bill Marler, of Marler Clark in Seattle, said his firm has been retained by seven families who may want to sue.

The outbreak is also blamed for at least 200 people getting sick.

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