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Coco Loco A&M in College Station is Likely Source of E. coli Outbreak

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BY DAN FLYNN | MAY 21, 2013

Ground beef served by Coco Loco A&M, located on George Bush Drive not far from the Texas A&M Golf Course was the likely source of an April E. coli outbreak that sickened ten people in the College Station/Bryan area.

Health officials announced their findings at press conference Tuesday after a collaborative investigation involving local, state and federal agencies. The final piece was an investigative report from the Texas Department of State Health Services (Region 7) that was delivered to the Brazos County Health Department Monday.

The health officials said that although not 100 percent, it is highly likely that the 5 confirmed cases were linked to the Mexican style restaurant. At the press conference, they said it is not known if the cause was due to improper temperature, improper cooking, or cross-contamination.

Five other cases involved in the outbreak went unconfirmed.

The sickened adults recovered fairly quickly without hospitalization, but two College Station boys were admitted for a long stay at Children’s Hospital in Houston as they fought off Shiga toxins attacking their kidneys. Four-year-old Jack Melton has been released from Children’s, while his 18-month-old brother was released today.

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