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Children recovering from E. coli

VANCOUVER -- The two children who became the most seriously sick during an outbreak of E-Coli are improving. Health officials say the number of new cases may be leveling off.

Sixteen cases of E-Coli-related illness were confirmed in southwestern Washington and northern Oregon since last week.

At least ten involve children.

The outbreak has been tied to raw milk from a small family dairy near Vancouver.

Two children remain hospitalized.

One child was listed in stable condition, while the other was in serious condition and remained in intensive care.

Both had been diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome -- which can cause kidney failure.

The Agriculture Department has shut down the farm's dairy operation because they did not have the proper license.

The Dee Creek Farm's operators have said independent tests of their milk did not reveal any E-Coli bacteria.

More on this outbreak: Dee Creek Farm E. coli Outbreak

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