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Hartmann Farm Dairy Raw Milk E. coli Outbreak

Hartmann Farm Dairy in Gibbon Minnesota has been identified by the Minnesota Department of Health as the source of an outbreak of E. coli O157:H7. At least 8 people have been infected with the extremely dangerous strain of E. coli, which can cause serious illness, especially in the young, elderly, and immune-compromised. Field investigators collected environmental samples from the farm, and testing of the samples yielded E. coli with a matching DNA "fingerprint" to the strain identified in the outbreak.

No information is yet available on the status of the victims, or if any have developed the potentially life-threatening complication of E. coli infection, hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

Anyone who purchased or consumed raw milk from the Hartmann Dairy Farm is encouraged to visit their health care practitioner to be tested for E. coli. Testing is done from a stool sample, and may reveal infection before symptoms have presented themselves. E. coli has an incubation period, meaning that it may be present without any symptoms of illness. The incubation period is usually 2-5 days, but can range anywhere from 1-10 days.

Raw milk is a very controversial product, as it is not pasteurized, a process that kills illness-causing bacteria. For more information on raw milk, visit RealRawMilkFacts.com

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