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William D. Marler, Food Poisoning Attorney – Lawyer

William D. Marler, an attorney at Marler Clark LLP PS has extensive experience representing victims of bacterial and viral food poisonings. Since 1993, Marler Clark has represented victims of most of the largest foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States, including the 1993 Jack in the Box E. coli, 1998 Odwalla E. coli, 1999 Sun Orchard Salmonella, 2002 ConAgra E. coli and Chili’s Salmonella outbreaks, the 2003 Chi Chi’s Hepatitis A outbreak, and the 2004 Sheetz Salmonella outbreak.
Bill feels that a lawyer should do more than just sue corporations. That is why he speaks frequently on issues of safe food and formed Outbreak, Inc., a not-for-profit business dedicated to explaining to companies why it is in their interest to avoid food illness litigation. Bill also has created Marler Blog as a way of updating the Web on issues of interest to him.

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