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Whoever Brought The Roast Beef Might Not Get Invited Back

Omaha’s Midlands News Service is reporting on a private party in March that went bad, giving many of the guests a bad bout of E. coli. Site of the gathering was Sarpy County, which makes up the southern edge of Omaha’s metro area. Midlands’ Michael O’Connor reports:

State health officials are continuing to investigate an E. coli outbreak in Sarpy County that sickened 14 people — including a 7-year-old — and sent four people to the hospital.

Dr. Tom Safranek, state epidemiologist, said the outbreak was caused by roast beef served at a reception hall in Sarpy County for a private gathering on March 26. The meat was prepared at a person’s home and brought to the event, he said.

He declined to say specifically where the meal was served or what the gathering was for.

The people affected ranged in age from 7 to 73. The four people who were hospitalized were released several weeks ago, he said.

All of the people affected suffered abdominal cramping, diarrhea and in some cases bloody diarrhea, Safranek said.

Safranek said he believes the E. coli problem was contained to the roast beef served at the Sarpy County gathering. He said there currently is no evidence that people who have purchased or eaten roast beef in Nebraska are at risk.

The Midlands News Service story can be found here.

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