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When alternative is not healthy

The recent E. coli outbreak in southwest Washington and one county in Oregon may serve as a warning to consumers who may think that “organic,” “self-sustaining,” or “alternative” food products may not be healthier than their industry counterparts.

Dee Creek Farm, an unlicensed dairy farm in Woodland, Washington, promotes itself as a farm whose “goal is to build an ecologically responsible and self-sustaining farm, using natural methods and humane practices.” The description of their farm adds, “We are pleased to offer our quality products and services to those who desire an “alternative for a more healthy lifestyle.””
The Department of Agriculture has said that their preliminary laboratory testing of milk samples provided by the shareholders of Dee Creek Farm did test positive for E. coli.
The raw milk from Dee Creek Farm sickened more close to half of their “cow-shareholders”, including two children who ended up in the hospital with kidney damage.

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