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Two E. Coli 0157:H7 Cases Confirmed in Fayetteville, TN

Tennessee has two laboratory-confirmed cases of E.coli 0157 from the Fayetteville-Lincoln County area with an ongoing investigation into what made as many as 180 people sick. At this point, the Tennessee Department of Health is clueless about the source of the contamination.

The Elk Valley Times, based in Fayetteville, reports:

"The Department of Health has two laboratory-confirmed cases of E.coli 0157 from the Lincoln County area," Shelley Walker, communication coordinator for the Tennessee Department of Health in Nashville, said late Monday afternoon.

"After an extensive investigation, so far no source for these cases of illness has been identified," she said.

"We have interviewed more than 180 people as part of this ongoing investigation."

The Health Department did not have specific information about the patients involved in the case, Walker said, however, the investigation into the source of the illnesses and any other suspected cases continues.

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