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Taco Bell E. coli Outbreak Update: New Jersey Health Department Press Release

The New Jersey Department of Health and Social Services issued a press release on December 6th regarding the E. coli O157:H7 outbreak traced to Taco Bell restaurants.

They are recommending that all Taco Bells in New Jersey receiving food from the McLane Foodservice, Inc. of Burlington discard all current food supplies and clean and sanitize their facilities.

NJDHSS has been working closely with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, neighboring state and local health departments, New Jersey’s local health departments, and Taco Bell Corp. regarding the ongoing investigation of statewide cases of E. coli associated with Taco Bell.

According to the press release, Taco Bell Corp. has announced that three samples of green onions were found to be presumptive positive for E. coli O157:H7 by an independent testing laboratory.  As a strictly precautionary effort, Taco Bell Corp. has removed green onions at all of its approximately 5,800 restaurants nationwide.

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