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South Dakota reports two E. coli cases

Two children in Yankton County have been diagnosed with E. coli infections. Although a source has not yet been reported, KXMC reports that health officials are working to determine common exposures between the two children who have been diagnosed.

In addition, health officials in Ontario, Canada, have determined that Yaman restaurant, the source of an earlier E. coli outbreak, continues to operate although the restaurant’s water supply had been shut of for an 18-hour period.  Sixty-nine diners who had eaten at the restaurant reported symptoms of E. coli infection during a public health investigation.  Nine people were confirmed ill with E. coli, and five were hospitalized.

With no clean water flowing to the restaurant, it would have been impossible for those preparing food to properly clean bacteria from their hands, utensils and surfaces touched by raw meats and other food items, said Dr. Doug Sider, Niagara’s associate medical officer of health.

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