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Restaurant’s Health Permit Restored After E. Coli Outbreak

The health permit of a Lake Forest eatery linked to an E. coli infection outbreak, which affected 14 customers and one employee, has been reinstated, reports KCAL Santa Ana.

The Foothill Ranch restaurant voluntarily closed on April 6, after reports that several people who ate at the restaurant reported getting sick, including two children who were hospitalized.

Despite an ongoing investigation, the source of the E. coli O157:H7 infections has not been identified, said Howard Sutter of the Orange County Health Care Agency. He said the permit was reinstated after the restaurant completed four requirements:

  1. cleaning and sanitizing all food contact surfaces in the facility,
  2. screening all employees for the infection,
  3. disposal of all unpackaged food items handled by employees prior to screening,
  4. restaurant employees have attended a food worker education class presented by HCA Environmental Health.


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