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Portola Valley Nursing Home Resident Family Sues Sodexho Over E. coli Death From Spinach

Marler Clark has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family of Alice McWalter, an 85-year-old woman who died last year during an E. coli outbreak at a Portola Valley nursing home. The lawsuit was filed against Sodexho, the Maryland-based company contracted to prepare and serve food for residents at the Sequoias nursing home.
McWalter and 12 other people at the home contracted E. coli in October, most likely from fecal matter on spinach served at the cafeteria. McWalter was hospitalized Oct. 14 and died 12 days later from complications related to the infection. The health agency’s investigation found that 46 residents and staff members reported symptoms. Seven people — including McWalter — were hospitalized.
The first Sequoias resident was hospitalized Oct. 10, but residents weren’t warned of a possible E. coli outbreak until Oct. 13. Matsumoto said the home did not receive test results indicating an E. coli problem until Oct. 13.
The wrong is that someone got sick. And it came from food that Sodexho served In a sense, it’s case closed.

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