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Ohio E. coli Outbreak Grows To 11 New Cases

First it was seven, and now it is 11; and it has nothing to do with Baby needing a new pair of shoes.  It is a growing E. coli outbreak in the Columbus, Ohio area.  

In our two previous posts, we reported on an E. coli-related death in late May; followed by 7 new cases of E. coli this month being connected by health officials in Ohio.   Today,  WBNS-TV in Columbia says more cases have turned up.   The station’s news department reports:

Three cases were reported by the Columbus Health Department, while the Franklin County Board of Health reported a fourth case involving a 14-year-old girl.

The Columbus Health Department and Franklin County Board of Health were in contact with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention to see if the pattern was similar to any others in the country.

The cases were called an outbreak because at least three of the seven cases of E. coli were genetically linked through DNA testing.

Go here for more on this developing outbreak.

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