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Nursing home resident sues firm over illness

San Jose Mercury News did a story on Marler Clark client Sarah Ish and the lawsuit we just filed. We are suing the food service company that served residents of a Portola Valley nursing home contaminated raw spinach.
Sarah Ish was one of 13 Sequoias Retirement Village residents who got an infection during the 2003 outbreak. She was hospitalized for treatment and still suffers from confusion and loss of energy.
This is Marler Clark’s second lawsuit against Sodexho, the Maryland-based food services company contracted to prepare and serve food. The family of Alice McWalter sued the company in February, and that case is pending.
From the article:

William Marler, who represented McWalter’s family, said Sodexho has “shown no interest in discussing a fair resolution” to that case.
Sodexho had no comments on either suit but said it is confident its food safety practices are some of the most stringent in the industry, spokeswoman Stacy Bowman-Hade said.

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