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North Carolina State Fair E. coli Outbreak Happened in Kelly Building

kelley-building.JPGAccording to North Carolina officials, an E. coli outbreak that has sickened around 30 people has been linked to a livestock building at the North Carolina State Fair.

Twenty-seven cases of E. coli stemming from the State Fair have been confirmed. The infections were likely transmitted in the Kelley Building, which housed sheep, goats and pigs and hosted livestock competitions during the fair.

IMG_5423.JPGThe illness is likely related to animal contact, but investigators haven’t identified any specific animal or breed in the outbreak.

A 2004 E. coli outbreak was linked to a petting zoo at the State Fair and led to initiatives such as placing sanitation stations throughout the fairgrounds.

According to the latest numbers from the Division of Public Health, 12 cases of E. coli occurred in Wake County, seven in Sampson County, two each in Orange and Wilson counties, and one each in Cleveland, Durham, Johnston and Lenoir counties. Five children and one adult remained in the hospital in early November.

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