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Milking a story for all it’s worth: Finding out how far milk delivery has come over the decades also reminds us of how much is the same

Ed Savage, former Chief of Police in Sweet Home, shared his story with the Woodburn Independent as to the history of legal, regulated commercial sales of raw milk in the Woodburn area in the past.
He shared his personal story of his stepfather, who owned a dairy farm that Ed worked on as a child. He helped on the farm through milking, sterilizing, and bottling of legal raw milk, and helped distribute it to neighborhood families.
He also discussed the processes required to keep the operation clean – from constant testing, to sterilization, to mechanical equipment to prevent human contact with the milk.
Ed isn’t against raw milk, since he enjoyed it so much growing up. But he does say that he is “against an outfit that tries to evade the laws and regulations designed to keep raw milk safe for human consumption.”

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