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Lawsuits Filed Against Petting Zoo Amidst E. coli Breakout

Sung Kim’s son John, is now out of the hospital but he only has 70 percent of his kidney function. The 6-year-old was diagnosed last week with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) caused by E. coli. Now he, his wife Hyeon and their son John have filed a lawsuit against Agventure Farm Shows, the traveling petting zoo that was at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.
The bacteria illness is believed to be linked to petting zoos that were at two Florida fairs – the Central Florida Fair and the Florida Strawberry Festival. Agventure was the company that provided the animals at petting zoos at both fairs.
The Florida Department of Health has raised the number of confirmed cases to 22 — three adults and 19 children. In addition, there are 24 unconfirmed yet suspected cases.
Some families are already taking legal action in relation to the recent E. coli breakout. Two lawsuits were filed Wednesday, one of them being Sung Kim’s family. The other family’s 2-year-old is in intensive care. As more and more victims are discovered every day, several of them are going right from the hospital to the courts.

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