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Kroger Expands Recall To Fry’s; Ralph’s; Smith’s;Baker’s;King Soopers: & City Markets

It is always at this point in a Big Beef recall that some corporate suit makes a statement that sounds like it was given after they were worked over by a homicide detective:

"It’s on ground beef products in a Styrofoam tray with clear cellophane over it," Kroger spokeswoman Meghan Glynn said this morning. "It could have been purchased in cases or over the service counter.

Gee, we are glad someone is coming clean.  Kroger expanded its recall to include:

  • Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic division, which includes stores in North Carolina, northeastern Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, with "sell by" dates of May 19-June 6.

  • Fry’s, Ralphs and Smiths stores ground beef with "sell by" dates of May 21-July 3.

  • Baker’s stores with "sell by" dates of May 17-June 4.

  • King Soopers and City Market stores with "sell by" dates of June 20-July 3.

See the Cincinnati Enquirer’s "Kroger broadens beef recall" online here.

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