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Kalei Welch, age five, dies from E. coli

According to news reports, Kalei Welch was hit with flu-like symptoms about a week ago. They became so bad that her parents, Beth and Ben, brought her to the hospital.

“I had actually visited early in the week, and she was very responsive, sitting up in bed, not talkative or active like a 5-year-old child would be, but she looked like she was headed at least in the right direction,” Monte said.

But Kalei’s condition worsened.

“Everything bad that could happen did happen,” Monte recalled.

Kalei died Thursday.

“Kalei was a young lady that was shimmering with life,” the family’s pastor Pastor Marc Monte said. “She had just, a couple weeks ago, turned 5-years-old.”

Now the Hendricks County Health Department is tracing the Danville girl’s steps, looking closely at the week before she fell ill, including a day at the Hendricks County Fair.

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