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Indiana Rush County Fair possibly linked to Kathleen Ragan HUS E. coli case

 According to WISH news, at least two children from Rush County are critically ill after getting E. coli poisoning.

Kathleen Ragan, 4, is at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital suffering from Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. It’s possible she contracted E. coli bacteria from animals at the Rush County Fair in late June. Kathleen’s mother says she did use hand sanitizer as she petted animals there, but her symptoms of fatigue, diarrhea and bloody stools started the day after the fair ended.

However, the parent of at least one other Rush County child said that her boy is also suffering from HUS, but he wasn’t at the fair.

For more information the risks of bacterial infections from petting zoos, see Fair Safety Dot Com.

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