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Here (At Last) Is The List of Retailers Who Got Meat From JBS Swift USA’s Greeley Beef Plant

 A few days before many of us light up the barbeque, JBS Swift and the FSIS finally publish the list of retailers who received the tainted-meat (click on below).

Frankly, the retailer names had trickled out over the last few days as responsible stores alerted thier customers.  Whats a bit odd, it that the location of the stores that received the meat do not seem to completely match up to where the illnesses are located.  According to the CDC, twenty three persons infected with a strain of E. coli O157:H7 with a particular "DNA fingerprint" have been reported from 9 states. Of these, 17 have been confirmed by an advanced DNA test as having the outbreak strain; confirmatory tests are pending on others. The number of ill persons identified in each state is as follows: California (4), Maine (1), Michigan (6), Minnesota (1), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (2), New Mexico (1), New York (1) and Wisconsin (6).  So, begs the question?  "Where is ALL of the beef?"

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