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Grocers put pressure on produce industry to clean up

The LA Times reports concerns from several grocers who are putting pressure on the produce industry to ensure fresh produce is safe.

An October survey of consumer attitudes by the association found that 22% of the respondents lacked confidence in the safety of all fresh produce products, not just spinach.

As the spinach crisis unfolded in September, the lack of reliable industry standards became apparent. Currently, growers are using a hodgepodge of safety measures and procedures to raise their crops.

The Salinas Californian also reports that the owner of Paicines Ranch, which is under investigation as the potential source of the spinach E. coli outbreak, said that his operation didn’t grow or process the suspect spinach but that he rents fields to two tenants. While one of the tenants has been cleared, he said the other tenant, Otto Kramm, is still being investigated.

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