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Foothill Folks: Angels Camp family shifts priorities

The Calaveras Enterprise did an article called Foothill Folks: Angels Camp family shifts priorities about Mike and Staci Kristoff of Angels Camp, who nearly lost their five-year-old son Nicholas to an E. coli infection.
From the article:

“Just watching Nicholas go through what he went through, we sort of changed our priorities,” Staci said.
Nicholas spent all of May in the Intensive Care Unit of Oakland’s Children’s Hospital after he developed severe kidney complications from an E. coli infection.
His liver and kidneys essentially shut down and pneumonia collapsed his lungs.
Amazingly, Nicholas is 100 percent better and his kidneys show no sign of damage, Staci said.
Nicholas was one of six E. coli cases that broke out this spring, which included Nicholas’ infant sister Abigail, a 3-year-old girl who attended day care at the Kristoff’s house, and three teenage boys who exhibited beef at the Calaveras County Fair.

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