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Family hit as E. coli finds its way into salad mixes

Lori Olson’s plan to serve healthy meals to her daughters backfired when the salad she served them resulted in E.coli poisoning in her 11-year-old.
The Star-Tribune reports that Amber Brister was hospitalized for 34 days after her kidneys shut down. She needed four blood transfusions and 18 days of kidney dialysis.
It was determined that she contracted the bacteria from pre-washed salad made by the Dole Food Company. She was one of 26 confirmed cases linked to the outbreak, which sent 13 people to the hospital after it began in September.
Since 1995, 19 confirmed outbreaks have sickened 400 people nationwide and caused two deaths. Investigations have linked most of the outbreaks to lettuce grown in California.
The Olson family has filed a lawsuit against Dole, alleging negligence and seeking at least $200,000 in expected medical bills and other damages. Two other lawsuits over Dole lettuce have been filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

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