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Fair-goers aglow about hand-washing stations at fair

The Associated Press reports that There’s a new attraction at the Oregon State Fair this year – and it’s not what you’d think.
Located at the exit to the petting zoo, an 18-foot trailer equipped with six sinks had people lined out the door this weekend.
Inside, children doused their hands with powder before washing them and placing them under a backlight lamp.The light showed whether the person had cleaned thoroughly enough to wash off all the powder.
The Marion County Health Department set up the station to educate people about the importance of washing hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people scrub their hands a full 20 seconds to clean off all bacteria after they touch animals, handle uncooked food or go to the bathroom.
“People who are eating food or rubbing their faces, you’ve got to wash your hands thoroughly. It doesn’t take many organisms to spread the infection,” said Dr. Justin Denny, a health officer.

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