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Eating all sprouts risky, health officials warn

Public health officials in Hamilton, Ontario, are warning consumers against eating sprouts of all types, including mung bean, radish, and alfalfa, according to the Hamilton Spectator/Belleville Intelligencer.
The warning is in response to an on-going investigation which links bean sprouts produced by a Toronto company to outbreaks of salmonella and E. coli O157:H7 across Ontario. The sprouts have been recalled.
16 cases of food poisoning linked to the contaminated sprouts were reported in the city in the six-week period prior to the recall.
From the time of the recall until the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care deemed it safe, Hamilton’s health department banned mung bean sprouts completely in all city restaurants and grocery stores.
A new alert has been sent out since the Toronto company was still using seeds from the original recall to produce their beans. Hamilton has not issued a citywide ban this time, but is still warning residents of the potential hazards.

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