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E. Coli Victims Sue White Water; Addison and Shook Families File for Damages

Marler Clark filed a lawsuit today for the families of Matthew Addison, age 3, from Louisville, Ky., and Jordan Shook, age 4, against White Water. Both children developed kidney failure and required dialysis as a result of ingesting E.coli 0157:H7 at the White Water park in Marietta, Georgia.
Addison, who was hospitalized for two weeks, is now at home recovering from his fight against the E. coli bacteria. Shook, however, is still hospitalized at Scottish — Rite Hospital in Atlanta where she is recovering from the effects of a stroke she suffered as a result of ingesting the bacteria. It is expected that she will remain hospitalized for several more weeks.
Although we have filed the suit, we are still working with White Water, its attorneys and insurance company to do the right thing for all of the children injured at the water park. The children who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) from the E. coli poisoning are at risk of developing long-term complications, including kidney failure, learning disabilities and other medical problems.
With respect to White Water, I am pleased that it has now put in place a number of precautionary safety measures to prevent future outbreaks.

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