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E. coli sickens Bend diners

Christine Metz of The Bulletin reports that Deschutes County Public Health Department is investigating the outbreak of E. coli at McGrath’s Fish House in Bend, Indiana.
There are now two lab-confirmed cases of E. coli from diners that ate at the restaurant, as well as 21 suspected cases – 16 diners and 5 restaurant workers.
The employees that show symptoms of E. coli are not working.
Deschutes County Health Administrator Dan Pedddycord is unsure of where the bacteria originated, since a specific food has not been linked to the outbreak.
This is the first reported E. coli outbreak within the McGrath’s restaurant chain, which has been operating for 25 years.
The restaurant is cooperating with the health department and has followed all recommendations, including throwing out all food from the time of the outbreak.
About 500 people eat at McGrath’s a day.

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