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E. coli found in school water

Linden Elementary School has told its students and employees to avoid using the school’s water after E. coli bacteria showed up in a routine water test, but it may have been a false alarm.
The Intelligencer reports that the school provided bottled water and hand sanitizer in every classroom after turning off all drinking fountains and faucets.
The Doylestown Water Department and the Bucks County Health Department tested water at the school and nearby properties, bhere was no sign of E. coli in any of the five wells the borough uses to draw water that’s sent to customers.
Officials believe a possible testing malfunction may have indicated the presence of bacteria, since no water tests done in the past by the borough’s water department have detected E. coli.
In a letter sent home to parents, Linden principal Alan J. Bernabei said he expected the problem would be resolved when results of follow-up water tests will be made available.

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