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E. Coli Found in Sacramento Area Restaurant

KTXL reports that Dr. Glenna Trochet of Sacramento County’s Public Health Department confirmed today an investigation is underway over an increase in E. coli cases in the area Last year the county saw 6 reported cases. This year, 14 have come in so far.
Loyal customers of Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant in Carmichael were shocked to see it closed today. A sign on the door said the restaurant was not open due to “electrical problems.” The Health Department confirmed that more than one person who contracted e.coli in the county said they had eaten here recently.
A manager at Garcia’s told Fox40 only that the restaurant did have an electrical problem today.
The Health Department found Garcia’s committed some minor violations back in August of last year pertaining to sour cream and cream cheese not being stored at the proper temperature.
A spokesperson from Garcia’s Corporate Office said in taking a proactive approach the company shut the restaurant in Carmichael down so that the regular pace of business wouldn’t interfere with the health department’s investigation.
As far as the signs on the doors, the restaurant is doing preventive maintenance on the electricity while the health department is taking sample food and conducting culture tests.

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