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E. coli found in farm’s raw milk

Distribution of raw milk products at Dee Creek Farm has been halted, while Washington State Department of Agriculture and county health officials investigate the outbreak.
Clark County’s health officer says that unpasteurized milk taken from the Woodland farm and from the home of a farm patron have both tested positive for E. coli.
Further testing is needed to determine whether it is the same strain that sickened the people, but that milk from the farm seems to be the common link.

Health experts Monday finished contacting 45 families and individuals who received Dee Creek Farm products after Michael and Anita Puckett, the farm owners, turned over names in compliance with a judge’s order. They are working to determine whether there are more suspected E. coli cases among them.
Washington allows the direct sale of unpasteurized milk by six farms that have obtained production and bottling licenses. Dee Creek Farm is not licensed.

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