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E. coli Attorney Calls on Dole to Pay Victims’ Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Marler Clark has filed a lawsuit in the Minneapolis Federal Court again the Dole Company, Inc., on behalf of Leonard and Carol Tvedten. The Tvendens became ill after eating a salad made from Dole’s prewashed salad mix.
To date, twenty-three people in Minnesota have been sickened with E. coli, eight have been hospitalized, and one child developed HUS, all from eating bagged, “pre-washed” lettuce made by Dole.
More that 245,000 bags of lettuce may be affected nationwide, and an alert and recall have been launched.
I am asking that Dole do the right thing and immediately pay the medical bills and wage loss of those sickened with E. coli in the Dole lettuce outbreak. In many past outbreaks, corporations have stepped up and taken care of the customers they poisoned. We want to see Dole do the right thing for these victims.

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