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Dairy That Sold Tainted Milk Is Shut Down

KATU has reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has shut down Dee Creek Dairy near Woodland, Washington, for providing the raw milk that health officials believe is to blame for six cases of E. coli.
Health officials are also issuing an urgent warning to those who purchased milk from the farm in the past couple of weeks.

Dee Creek Dairy provides a ‘cow sharing’ service for customers who wish to own a share of a cow and collect unpasteurized milk for their personal use. They also advertise its milk as a healthy alternative for families
Unpasteurized milk is not legal everywhere. Just 28 states allow the sale of raw milk for human consumption. It is illegal to buy unpasteurized milk in Oregon, but some people cross the border into Washington state in order to get raw milk.
In Washington state, the farm must be licensed through the state and each bottle must have a warning label.
Dee Creek Dairy was not licensed.

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