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Chief investigator’s condition improving after E. coli infection

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports that Ken Spencer, the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department’s chief investigator, says he’s doing a lot better and he’s hoping to come home soon. Spencer, 43, was hospitalized in St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson last week for kidney failure and an E. coli infection.
Spencer, who has worked for the Sheriff’s Department about eight years, said he has been moved out of the intensive care unit Friday and is in a regular room.
Though his condition is improving, Spencer said his kidneys are somewhat damaged. “Doctors will run some test to determine how much damage has been done,” he said in the article.
Sheriff Ricky Banks said a local attorney has set up a bank account in Spencer’s name at the Bank of Commerce.
Contributions may be sent to the Ken Spencer Benefit Fund can be made at the bank on Howard Street or mailed to: Bank of Commerce, Attn. Rochelle Gosa, P.O. Box 546, Greenwood, MS 38935-0546.

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