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Blaine Meat Company Loses License

The Minnesota Ag Connection reported yesterday the state Department of Agriculture announced Friday that a Blaine meat company accused of consumer fraud, false advertising and other deceptive trade practices has given up its food handlers license, the state Department of Agriculture said Friday. More than 100 customers of the company, Farmers Pride Inc., had filed complaints with the Agriculture Department, the state attorney general and the Better Business Bureau.
The article says:

Farmers Pride, a door-to-door meat sales company, was linked to an E. coli infection outbreak in June 2003. Kevin Elfering, an inspector for the Agriculture Department, said in a news release that Farmers Pride had failed to acknowledge or respond to the E. coli bacteria contamination.
As a result, he said, a number of the company’s customers became ill. In December, the attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against the company in Anoka County District Court.

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