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Bad spinach causing concerns

Arizona resident Emily Gruenberger, 9, was diagnosed with E. coli poisoning. It’s not yet determined if she is among over 100 people nationally who have gotten sick from eating raw spinach.

Twenty-one states, including all of Arizona’s neighbors, have reported outbreaks, according to FOX11 News.

Pima County has four E. coli victims right now, two of which were caused by eating raw meat. The other two cases need more tests to determine their source of the bacteria.

Pima County’s Health Department Spokesman Patty Woodcock says it would be ironic if the E. coli came from spinach.

“You know we have been trying so hard to get people to eat healthy,” Woodcock said. “In a time when we’re fighting obesity, it’s a growing national concern; salads are a great way to lose weight.”

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