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40 tons of hamburger patties may have E coli O157:H7, USA

The Food Safety & Inspection Services has announced that Quaker Maid Meats Inc, of Reading, Pennsylvania, is voluntarily recalling 40 tons of hamburger patties because they may be infected with E. coli O157:H7.
Most E.Coli strains reside harmlessly in human and animal intestines. However, the 0157:H7 strain can cause severe illness.

– Bloody diarrhea
– Abdominal Cramps
– Non-bloody diarrhea (less common)
– Fever is slight, sometimes no fever at all
– Sometimes there are no symptoms at all
– It usually goes away 5 or 10 days later
About one in fifty people infected go on to develop a complication called hemolytic uremic syndrome, in which the red blood cells die and the patient ends up with kidney failure.

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