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3 kids from Van Buren daycare ill from E. coli

At least three children enrolled at a Van Buren daycare center have been diagnosed with E. coli infection, and state health officials are investigating whether the outbreak is more widespread, according to the Northwest Arkansas News.

Elite Kids Academy Inc. Preschool and Childcare is awaiting test results of 14 other children who have shown symptoms that could be E. coli, said owner Matt Harris.

The daycare first alerted the state Health and Human Services Department last week that one child had a confirmed diagnosis from a private doctor. The center sought advice on protocols and other steps to take, Harris said.

As a precaution, Elite Kids Academy will voluntarily close its doors today to deep-clean “every nook and cranny,” even though no one yet knows how or where the first child became infected, Harris said. The center will reopen Wednesday.

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