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15 sick in 11 states with E. Coli O121

Food Safety News reports that the CDC is working with other public health agencies to investigate an 11-state outbreak of E. Coli O121 infections.

As of July 15 a total of 15 patients had been confirmed with infections, a CDC spokesperson told Food Safety News. No other information from the agency was available for release.

The Food and Drug Administration reported on July 14 that it was investigating an E. Coli O121 outbreak involving 15 patients, but the agency did not release any other details except to say that no traceback or sample testing had been initiated.

Few details were available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are working to determine a source of the infections. If we identify a source and an ongoing risk to the public, we will issue an outbreak notice,” the CDC spokesperson told Food Safety News.

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